How Solar Energy Works

How Solar Works

At Solar Secure, we believe in the power of the Sun and converting that power for the empowerment of our energy sector. We have been working for a long time on providing reliable and more powerful solar systems and we want everyone to understand the true essence of using solar power.

Photovoltaic module is the main element of all solar panels where electricity is generated. By PV only DC, direct current can be generated. We call it photovoltaic cell, because voltage is produced through light, (photons).

Bi-directional is a meter, which measures both ways of electricity that much energy is consumed and how much energy produced by solar power is exported to the grid.

Now when you have your own electricity in your home then your home uses either the power from the grid or power generated from the solar system. Remember, only electricity used from the grid will be measured by meter.

Now everyone knows that all our appliances basically work on AC current so we need to convert that direct current generated by photovoltaic cell into AC so that we can use it. The current is converted into 240V AC current, which is standard use for almost all appliances.

Detailed Explanation

Solar power is one of the most secure energy that can be generated anywhere on the planet where sun shines. Whenever sunlight hits the solar panel, photons are absorbed and then those photons are converted into electrons. This conversion happens with the help of specially fabricated crystals. After these electrons are generated, they come out of the solar panel as a DC (Direct Current). An inverter is used to in between to convert that direct current into AC (Alternating current) on which most of the home appliances like Television, Air conditioner, refrigerator etc works. Therefore, this is important step. Without inverter the power generate by solar panels are of no use.

There is a net meter installed in your building which measures total energy consumed by your building, either from the solar or from the grid. If the production of solar energy is more than the consumption then additional energy would be transferred to the grid. Furthermore, if the solar power is not generating enough power for your building then electricity from the grid would also be used. Especially this happens during night times and on cloudy days. You will be billed for the electricity you consumed totally from the grid. If you have produced more then you have used then you would be given credit that can be used in next billing period.


Solar cells are main component of the solar panel that generates the current. They are square shaped semiconductors made from different materials that accepts photons and generated electrons. These electrons are generated because of chemical reaction. These cells are also called as PV cells. Photovoltaic cells.

3 Easy Steps for Installation of Solar Roof

Step 1) Call Solarsecure

You will call and Solar Secure specialists will find the best system based on your budget, your electricity cost, your energy demand and the size of your roof.

Step 2) Confirm Your Order

You will review the order and the capacity of the system chosen for you and after your confirmation, our team will be dispatched to your building.

Step 3) Installation

Solar power generations system would be installed at your building. Each solar panel will be approved by a certified solar designer and will be checked thrice. Your solar smart meter would also be installed so that you can get benefit from solar and grid power simultaneously.