Feed In Tariff

Feed in Tariff

Feed in Tariff is rate paid for the electricity generated by your solar panel, which went into the grid. If you have a solar system, you can send excess energy generated to the grid. Currently more than 40 countries are offering feed in tariff for renewable energy. This is also one of the reason that most of the people install solar power system in their homes.

Feed In Tariff for New South Wales

There have been so many changes in the tariff in all states in last 18 months. If you have to find the exact tariff for your solar energy in the grid, you have to consider the maximum size of the power allowed, and the rate, which is paid per kWh. Rates may vary from 5c to even 10c. It also depends upon your retailer that whether they are even offering payback rates or you are just sending them free electricity.

Please call your electricity retailer to find out the exact feed in tariff offered to you.

Please be advised that rates of Tariff are subject to change as per government decisions.